Should I attend a training or not? I’ve been working some time with these systems…

It’s a question I get often and it is difficult to answer? I’m sure that you are capable of managing the system your responsible for. You know how to reconfigure it, know the commands and have a nice workflow.

But do you understand what is happening? It the system as secure as can be?

Or maybe you want to get a feeling of your readiness for an exam?

You’re free to use the test exams I’ve put online without any further obligation.

There is absolutely no guarantee that you’ll pass the official exam if you have a high score in the test exam. It is just an indication.

Click on the exam below to start the test.

Note that the LPI exams have evolved quick a bit. The provided exams have not!

LPI 101

LPI 102

Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. Changes in versions can supersede the provided information. Please use your own judgement.

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