In this course the following topics are covered:

  • TheTCP/IP protocol.
  • Confuguring Linux network interfaces.
  • Setup a DHCP server.
  • Setup a DNS server.
  • Build a NIS and NFS server with the automounter.
  • Starting network services through xinetd.
  • Advanced capabilities of ssh.
  • Build a single site webserver with Apache.
  • Build a CIFS server with Samba.
  • E-mail servers using sendmail and postfix.
  • Squid proxy server.
  • Replacing NIS using an LDAP server. PADL scripts on OpenLDAP.
  • The Linux iptables firewall.
  • The Network Time Protocol (NTP).


This course prepares for LPIC201 and LPIC202 Advanced level Linux Professional and Comptia Linux+.

Detailed information can be found here.

Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. Changes in versions can supersede the provided information. Please use your own judgement.

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