• Installing Linux from CD.
  • Configuration of a stand-alone Linux machine: Install / update software, network, user accounts, printers.
  • The Linux command line (BASH Shell). Wildcards / aliases / completions.
  • Many basic commands.
  • File protection bits in Linux.
  • Input and output redirection.
  • Linux text filters. Regular expressions.
  • Child and parent prcess relation.
  • Linux process management.
  • Editing files with the vi editor.
  • Finding documentation. / Lay-out of the Linux file system.
  • Installing additional software with
    RPM / zypper / APT suite.
  • Using the GUI / X Window system fundamentals.
  • Mounting external devices.
  • File system internals and maintenance.
  • Virtualization in Linux Xen, Qemu and KVM
  • Writing shell scripts.


This course, in combination with LI221, prepares for:

  • LPI LPIC101 Junior Level Administration.
  • RedHat Certified Technician (RHCT).
  • Novell Linux Professional.
  • CompTIA Linux+ certification.

Detailed information about this training can be found here.

Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. Changes in versions can supersede the provided information. Please use your own judgement.

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