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As an Education Service Provider we focus on what we are good at and that is delivering top quality training on behalf of training centers. This allows training centers to offer the best possible quality of training with specialized trainers and prevents us from getting distracted from our core business.

Our expertise is focussed on Unix and Linux based Operating Systems and the (Open Source) Software that runs on these OS’es. We prepare students for Certification but also work with our partners to deliver tailor-made training focussing on the learning objectives of an organization.

If you just need someone to step in during holidays, illness, etc. please feel free to contact me as well. Check the following training portfolio to determine if I can be of assistance.

Test exams

If you want to assess your knowledge level before attending a training or taking an exam check this page.

No registration required!

Apple Training

As Apple Authorized Trainer I deliver Apple Certification Training exclusive for Apple Authorized Training Centers such as CMM and StarTel. The iPhone and iPad Technical Training is delivered exclusive on request of Apple.

I’m proud to be able to call myself Apple Certified Master Trainer.

“This new certification recognizes IT ACTs who build their skills and knowledge around Apple technologies, and enables training centers to connect with the trainers whose skills best match their business. IT Master Trainers stand out as experts and evangelists, and will be first to be considered for betas and training projects across all Apple programs.” is how Apple describes the certification.

It requires extensive knowledge about OS X and iOS, certification as an Apple Certified Trainer for both ML 101 and ML 201, completion of Apple provided training on security, deployment, integration for both OS X and iOS.

I have also developed training material for iOS. This material is available for training centers who wish to extend their portfolio. There is no certification for the iOS trainings.

Linux Training

There are several popular distributions and sometimes it is difficult to determine which one to use. LPI is distribution independent and being LPI Certified we deliver training for LPI certification using LPI Certified training material.

If you require training for Open Source Software such as Cacti, Nagios, Apache etc. we can be of assistance as well.

Training overview

The following list of trainings is a list of ‘off the shelf’ trainings that I can deliver. They are based on material developed by third parties or myself.



The following trainings prepare for Apple Certification. The training material is Apple Certified.

If certification is not required I can also deliver the following:


The following trainings prepare for LPI certification and the material used is LPI Certified.

If certification is not required I can help you with:

  • Network and service monitoring with Cacti and Nagios
  • Apache configuration on both Linux and Windows


If you do have your own material but require a trainer please feel free to contact me. I have delivered the following based on material owned by the Education Center that hired me.

  • HP UX essentials
  • IBM AIX essential
  • Linux essentails
  • AIX shell scripting
  • Linux LPI Certificatie trajecten
  • Linux Redhat Certificatie trajecten
  • Apache
  • Linux Security
  • Linux networking
  • HP UX systeem management
  • Sendmail training
  • Bash scripting
Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. Changes in versions can supersede the provided information. Please use your own judgement.

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