Static routes on OS X

Update: As some readers mention in their comments this method doesn’t work correctly. Even making the launch daemon depend on the network availability doesn’t help. Check this post for another approach. Static routes Are sometimes needed. My Mac Pro ‘directly’ connects to the internet (there is a UTM Firewall in between) and to the local […]

OS X Mavericks: Removing or reinstalling

OS X Server Converting a Mavericks computer in a true server is easy. Just purchase from the Mac Appstore and configure it. Many people, like me, also install a copy of on a system that they want to use to remotely administer the server, which works great. No screen sharing required to remotely […]

Apple Certified Trainer Mavericks 201

Mavericks 201 ACT Apple requires all trainers to be certified for each release of OS X that they teach.  With the introduction of OS X 10.9, Mavericks, I had to certify as well to maintain my status as Apple Certified Trainer. Today I passed the exam and I’m looking forward to delivering this training. Disclaimer: All […]

Apple Certified Master Trainer

I’m proud to be able to call myself Apple Certified Master Trainer. “This new certification recognizes IT ACTs who build their skills and knowledge around Apple technologies, and enables training centers to connect with the trainers whose skills best match their business. IT Master Trainers stand out as experts and evangelists, and will be first […]