Mountain Lion 10.8 DHCP Server

NOTE: This article is no longer applicable if you updated

The new version of allows DHCP management again.


Mountain Lion Server continues to work as a DHCP server if the upgraded Lion Server was running as a DHCP server. If you have a small network it could be an option to introduce another DHCP server via an Airport Extreme or other network device. However, if you have to service multiple subnets this is not an option. Imagine a training facility with different classrooms that are all different VLAN’s. Or a business that uses VLAN’s to isolate manufacturing from sales networks. Do they need to invest in multiple DHCP servers? No they don’t.

The Netinstall Service introduced in is basically an extension of the DHCP protocol and that is why Mountain Lion can still be configured as a DHCP server using the commandline by editing a plist file, /etc/bootpd.plist. Inspection of this file reveals the DHCP network settings for the various subnets. The only thing that can’t be found in this file are the static mappings between mac addresses and IP addresses.