Apple Certified Trainer Mavericks 201

Mavericks 201 ACT Apple requires all trainers to be certified for each release of OS X that they teach.  With the introduction of OS X 10.9, Mavericks, I had to certify as well to maintain my status as Apple Certified Trainer. Today I passed the exam and I’m looking forward to delivering this training. Disclaimer: All […]

iOS 201: Deploying and Managing iOS devices

How do you deploy tens, hundreds or even thousands of iOS devices? Manually configuring every device is one way of doing it. But… How do you alter settings on the devices already handed over to the user? Or how do you make sure devices are meeting your security standards? Questions like these and more are […]

Snow 201: Mac OS X Server Essentials 10.6

Degene die de OS X server ondersteunen weten dat deze gebruikersvriendelijk is. Deze cursus behandelt in 4 dagen die mogelijkheden van OS X server die in de praktijk gebruikt worden zoals netwerk diensten, beheer van de directory en deployment. Door het volgen van deze 4 daagse cursus Snow 201 kan de cursist op verantwoorde wijze […]