How to publish weather info from RTL_433 to MQTT for Domoticz in a docker container

RTL_433 to MQTT Is a nice peace of software that turns a cheap Realtek SDR into a receiver that will pick up many signals on the 433,92 Mhz frequency. Like I wrote in a previous post I’ve got some equipment that transmits information on this frequency. I share this information on the local network using MQTT. […]

Use a MQTT broker to share information between devices and Domotica solutions

Domotica A topic that has my interest. I’ve been experimenting with it for several years and haven’t found the perfect solution yet. I’ve tried FHEM, OpenHAB and Domoticz as platforms. The lights are a mixture of Impuls, HomeEasy and Hue devices. They are controlled via different kinds of switches, an RFXtrx transceiver and Apps. The thermostat […]

Static routes on OS X

Update: As some readers mention in their comments this method doesn’t work correctly. Even making the launch daemon depend on the network availability doesn’t help. Check this post for another approach. Static routes Are sometimes needed. My Mac Pro ‘directly’ connects to the internet (there is a UTM Firewall in between) and to the local […]