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Converting a Mavericks computer in a true server is easy. Just purchase Server.app from the Mac Appstore and configure it.

Many people, like me, also install a copy of Server.app on a system that they want to use to remotely administer the server, which works great. No screen sharing required to remotely administer a server!

Mistakes happen

Some people, like me, sometimes launch Server.app on their administrator computer and accidentally click on continue and convert their administrator computer into a Server as well. This will start quite a few additional processes on your administrator computer but in itself is harmless.

Removing Server.app

It is quite simple to remove Server.app from your administrator¬†computer. Simply moving it from the Applications folder to the Trash is enough to stop the services. You need to provide the password of an administrator to do this.¬†As soon as the system detects that the app has been removed you’ll get the following message:

Server app removal

Service Data

As you can see the service data is not removed. This is the location where emails, calendar information, wiki data etc. are stored.

By default this is the folder /Library/Server and it has the following contents:


Move this folder to Trash and you’ve completed the removal of Server.app

Thanks Apple for this nice segragation of Mavericks as an OS and Server.app on top of this great OS.

Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. Changes in versions can supersede the provided information. Please use your own judgement.

2 thoughts on “OS X Mavericks: Removing or reinstalling Server.app

  1. I have tried this and it doesn’t work, for me at least. I use CodeKit for Mac and when I use the Preview function of that app, it uses the bonjour address which should be bills-imac.local.Mine, since I had server.app and no don’t, still says server. server.local:5757. I have a feeling that the server address still shows up since there must be some artifacts left over from the install/uninstall. you thoughts? 

    1. To me it seems that you removed Server.app fine but need to do some additional steps, such as changing your computer name back to the original name.
      This can be done from System Preferences > Sharing. You also might want to check your network settings to see if this still matches your original configuration.

      When installing and configuring Server.app the computer name and network settings are often changed. It is often preferred to have a manual IP configuration on a server. On a client DHCP is often preferred.

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