Mobile Device Management

Managing mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Mac Books etc.) is becoming more and more popular. It is not difficult, but it’s done differently than most Windows experienced administrators would expect.

Apple has several programs for education and business and a clear view on how to implement mobile device management properly. If devices are owned by the end-user the setup would be different from institutionally owned devices. Deploying Apps can be done via the VPP program and easy deployment of new devices can be done with the DEP program.

Of course I can help you if you want to implement mobile device management properly.

Deployment and maintenance

Is another area where I can be of assistance. If you want to switch from Windows to OS X I can help you with the migration. If you want your own OS X server I can configure and manage it for you.

Network Monitoring

If you want to be able to report the availability of your servers and network components feel free to contact me. I can help with implementing a Nagios server which will alert you if anomalies occur in your network. I can implement Cacti if you need historical data on your network usage etc.

Apple Consultants Network member

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network and being Apple Certified Trainer I’m keeping up to date with the latest developments. Of course I hold the latest certifications.

If you need assistance please feel free to contact me to see if I can be of assistance. From the centre of the Netherlands (Veenendaal) I can cover the entire Benelux.

Linux servers

I have deployed Linux Routers with over 200 VLAN’s for business complexes allowing them to offer an affordable, scalable and secure means to provide there customers with internet.

But also servers for websites, mail, databases, etc. are servers I’ve installed many times.


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Certified_Support_Prof_10.7_blk_1ln Certified_Tech_Coord_10.7_blk_1ln
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Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. Changes in versions can supersede the provided information. Please use your own judgement.

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