Docker presentation

On valentinesday, 14 February 2019, I will be giving a talk about container technology at StarTel in Roden. The Dutch invitation can be found here. During the talk I will discuss the differences between virtualisation and containers, but also talk about microservices, orchestration and more. If you want to join us please register with StarTel. Disclaimer: […]

Apple Certified Trainer Mavericks 201

Mavericks 201 ACT Apple requires all trainers to be certified for each release of OS X that they teach.  With the introduction of OS X 10.9, Mavericks, I had to certify as well to maintain my status as Apple Certified Trainer. Today I passed the exam and I’m looking forward to delivering this training. Disclaimer: All […]

Apple Certified Master Trainer

I’m proud to be able to call myself Apple Certified Master Trainer. “This new certification recognizes IT ACTs who build their skills and knowledge around Apple technologies, and enables training centers to connect with the trainers whose skills best match their business. IT Master Trainers stand out as experts and evangelists, and will be first […]

Bash 101 – Shell and scripting essentials for OS X iBook ready

Command Line Working on the command line reveals a lot of possibilities not found in GUI tools. Writing scripts can extend the functionality of your system and automate tasks allowing you to do things you’ve never done before. Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. […]

iOS TTT (Train The Trainer) training

iOS Training, iPad Training When companies are facing a roll-out of a large number of iOS devices they probably want their staff to be trained to use the device as efficient as possible. The internal training department knows the business, the applications and the (security) policies better than any external trainer and often they operate […]

iOS 201: Deploying and Managing iOS devices

How do you deploy tens, hundreds or even thousands of iOS devices? Manually configuring every device is one way of doing it. But… How do you alter settings on the devices already handed over to the user? Or how do you make sure devices are meeting your security standards? Questions like these and more are […]