Containerised Home Automation

Whenever I can I’m using containers to deploy software. Wether it is on Intel or ARM systems, I’m using containers. I’m also on the lookout of nice examples that people can relate to. is such example. It’s a home automation application with a very active group of developers. They even have containerised the application. It’s […]


If you don’t like to repeat tasks over and over you’ve probably written some scripts to do this for you. Have you considered using Ansible? It is a very powerful alternative to scripting and has a much wider scope of operation. I’m using it a lot to provision Raspberry Pi’s and Docker hosts. It allows […]

Linux Essentials at InHolland

A while ago I received a phone call from someone at hogeschool InHolland. They were looking for someone to teach Linux for one period. Together with stichting Praktijkleren we decided to help them out. And there I was, teaching students Linux at a university! It was great to teach them directly. Until then I only trained […]

Dutch translation Linux Essentials

There is a new version of the Linux Essentials exam. Version 1.6 is the new version which is a minor update to version 1.5. Just as with version 1.5 this version is available in Dutch as well. I’ve spend some time together with a Belgium collegae Yvan to do the translation. / Disclaimer: All information […]

Docker presentation

On valentinesday, 14 February 2019, I will be giving a talk about container technology at StarTel in Roden. The Dutch invitation can be found here. During the talk I will discuss the differences between virtualisation and containers, but also talk about microservices, orchestration and more. If you want to join us please register with StarTel. Disclaimer: […]

IoT Kit

A few years ago I started to work for NASC which was an Academy Support Center for many vendors like Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, LPI and more. The focus of NASC was on improving ICT education. We mainly educated teachers and trained them to certify as CCNA, LPIC-1 etc. There was a strong demand for […]

Workshop “Beginnen met Internet of Things”

Op 20 januari 2017 geeft Manfred van der Voort van ICR3ATE Digital Makers Lab een workshop Internet of Things (IoT) bij Coworkspace Arnhem. Source: Workshop “Beginnen met Internet of Things” Disclaimer: All information posted is written with the upmost care and valid at the time of writing. Changes in versions can supersede the provided information. […]

RTL_433 to MQTT version 2.0

433,92 Mhz, it’s in the air. This is one of the frequencies that is used for wireless control of lights, blinds, doorlocks, car doors etc. Weather stations can use it transmit readings from an outdoor sensor to an indoor unit and so do many other devices. A good piece of software to receive all these […]